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  Writing Persuasive Essays

What Is This

This free online application is designed to help students in grades 5-12 write an online persuasive essay.

Teachers assign an essay and choose options for the students to use. These options include:

• Analysis of example essays
• An essay planning tool
• An essay writing space
• Student spelling feedback
• Source and bibliography information
• Records of how many times a student used the available options

Students must have a assignment code to use PersuadeStar to write and view their essays. This ensures that all student work is displayed for the correct teacher. The assignment code is given to the teacher when the teacher creates an assignment. The teacher then gives the code to the students. This enables the students to properly register and start using PersuadeStar.

Student papers are kept online on our servers for one month after the last modification. They are then automatically deleted. We provide instructions on how to download papers to a school or personal computer if they need to be saved for a longer time.

Teachers can begin using PersuadeStar by choosing Register in the teacher menu.

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