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PersuadeStar Help: Teacher Section

Teacher Section

• Overview
• Registering
• Create An Assignment
• Viewing Roster
• Viewing Student Work

There are three parts to the Teachers Section: Registration/Login, Create an Assignment, and View Papers.
  1. Teachers must register in order for their students to use PersuadeStar.
  2. Teachers create an assignment and select which features they want their students to use for that assignment.
    • Each assignment has a unique code that the teacher must give to students so they can register.
    • Features include: revision tracking, spell-checker, bibliography, analysis and planner tools. The teacher can choose any, all or none of these for a class.
  3. Students register themselves for an assignment (if they cannot do so, then the teacher can use the student section to register them).

  1. Click on Register under the Teacher section.
  2. Fill in the blanks and click Submit.
  3. When the information is processed, you will be sent to a confirmation page with a link to your home page.
  4. Note: We never sell or distribute your information. We do not send spam. We use your information solely to administer PersuadeStar.
  5. Note 2: Be sure to log out when you are finished using PersuadeStar, particularly if you use a public computer at school. You don�t want students or other teachers accidentally changing your assignments or deleting papers.

Create An Assignment
  1. Go to Teacher Home (after logging in) if you are not already there.
  2. Click on link entitled View/Edit your assignments or create new assignments.
  3. If you entered a title for the assignment when you registered, do the following:
    • You will see your assignment code listed. Click the link entitled Print this code for students. This is very important.
    • You can cut apart the assignment code page and give one section to each student.
    • After printing the code, click the Close link on that to return to your Assignment Manager.
    • Click the Set link under Options.
    • You will be taken to the Edit Assignment page. Fill in the blanks and select the features you want the students to use when creating their essays. The essay writer is always available.
    • Note: This is also where you can delete your assignment if you want to. Warning: Deleting erases all the essays as well as the assignment title and options.
  4. If you did not enter an assignment title when you registered, do the following:
    • Type an assignment name.
    • Type a description of the assignment (e.g. details of assignment or class name and hour).
    • Choose the options you want to be available to students and Submit.
    • Note: You can change the options for an assignment until a student has submitted work. At that point the options are locked.
  5. You can add an additional assignment or log out at this point. Remember, each assignment has its own assignment code.
  6. Give your students the instructions for the assignments, the PersuadeStar URL and the assignment code.

Viewing Roster (Students' login names and passwords)
  1. After students have registered, the teacher should log in using the Login link under the Teacher section.
  2. Choose the Assignments link.
  3. Find the assignment title and click on the Show Roster link.
    • You will be able to see the students' login names and passwords.
    • You can print the roster if you wish to do so.

Viewing Student Work
  1. After students have done some work, the teacher should log in using the Login link under the Teacher section.
  2. Choose View Papers link.
  3. You will see a list of students and the titles of their essays. You can also see how often they used the spell-checker and whether other available features have been used. You can see the date when they began their essay as well.
  4. To view a student's essay, click on the essay title. The essay will open in a separate window. Paragraphs are separated by spaces. You can print a student's essay if you so desire.
  5. Close the window to see other essays.
  6. If students were assigned a planner, click on a student's planner to see his/her work. You can also print the planner.
  7. Log out when you have finished viewing the student work.


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